On Achieving Balance

When I wrote the title for this post several things come to mind from learning to balance all of the work, research, administrative duties and home life to the physical challenges of standing on one foot, walking down the curb of a sidewalk and maintaining my equilibrium despite leaning over to touch my toes. Both aspect of balance, the physical and the metaphysical are important to an individual’s overall health and wellness.

3 times per week I teach a balance and flexibility class to work on the physical aspects of balance. Touching your toes, flexing your feet, stretching the muscles tensed up from a day of sitting in an office chair and even working on yoga positions focused on balance.

There is no magic pill for achieving balance (physically or mentally). It takes hard work, trial and error and finding the solutions that work best for you. I work on balance every day, balancing on one foot as a tie my shoe, practicing handstands on the walls of our house (even with my husband telling me I am going to end up hurting myself one day), making list after list of “to do’s”, “to call’s”, “to buy’s” and “to cook’s” just to try and fight forgetfulness syndrome. I am balancing my life, my school, my job, my health and my body… I hope you are working to do the same!

I am off to get my Light Peppermint Mocha before hitting the books; hopefully by the days end I will have another research paper behind me! Thank you Starbucks!


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