When Obesity Attacks

I was not thinking about the physical effects of obesity when I thought up the title for this post, rather, I was thinking of the attack of my obesity research paper on my level of mental health and sanity over the past week. I spent countless hours trying to make sure that the paper was as close to perfect as I could manage before yesterday’s deadline and, even so, I am sure there are mistakes. I am now subjected to live under the ruling of the American Psychological Association… screw you APA format. I was in the library until 2 in the morning and still did not have a finished paper to show for it. My husband could not believe that I had spent over nine hours straight in the library without producing a final copy of the paper (not to mention that prior to the start of that nine hours I had 12 pages of information already ready to go). I could not even explain it myself despite trying! Over the course of nine hours I read the paper over and over trying to make sure all of the figures and graphs were inserted, cited and mentioned within the paper, that all of the in text citations were correct and in the right order, that the paper had the right “flow” of information and that the reference list was pristine. I was incessantly cutting, copying and pasting sections of the paper, moving them around for a better “fit”; in turn, this caused me to be constantly  reworking my citations and reformatting my headings. Perhaps I was just being too hard on myself, but as I get further up on the ladder of education, I feel that these are the papers that count; these are the papers I will be able to go back to in future classes and research as a reference. I refuse to start out graduate school on the wrong foot with a dull and lifeless paper. I have inserted a copy of the final text in this blog for perusing for anyone interested in the epidemiological perspective on obesity!

Obesity: A Clinical review (VIEW)

I had to skip this morning’s coffee in lieu of a Zumba-Kickboxing fusion demo class this morning, so it is off to the coffee shop!

Thanks for reading!



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