Back to the grind… (since the world did not end)

It’s back to reality now that the holidays are over; class, work, writing, studying, research, reading, teaching… schedule, schedule, schedule. I am taking classes in health administration, health behavior and health communication. I am extremely excited about getting back into classes, I felt enlightened after last semesters work and cannot wait to continue on my new found path to “health knowledge and enlightenment”.

After Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and countless reasons to overeat (and not exercise) it is time to get back into the fitness game; I am teaching 3 classes this semester in the campus recreation center: flexibility, basic strength and a gymnastics based strength and conditioning class… handstands anyone?? I taught my first strength class yesterday and I have to say, despite not working up a sweat, I am SUPER sore today… I guess my muscles forgot what it felt like to do squats and lunges…

My next big projects include being an author on a journal publication on Local School Wellness policies, so stay tuned! I will soon (hopefully) be a published author! I am also planning, coordinating and directing the 2013 Biggest Loser Program for the UAB Campus Recreation Center and could not be more excited about it! I have been working with local businesses to get donations such as catering, gift certificates and discounted services that will be given to the participants throughout the 10 week program!

After hearing, in my health behavior change class, that despite proof of short term weight loss programs having negative effects, it is proven that over half the time the results are not maintained. It is when the trainers are gone and the guidance is in the hands of the participant alone that the program’s effects are truly put to the test. I spoke with my trainers for the biggest loser this year on “skill and confidence building”, teaching the participants the skills and motivational techniques that will last when the program is over and the “baby birds are pushed from the nest”. Details and results of the program will, of course, will be posted along with what worked and what didn’t! If I can receive consent from the participants, I will also try and do a follow up study to research the maintenance value of the program and what we might need to change in 2014!

Well, until next time, Happy New Year to all!


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