Confounding Variables and Success!

So… I have been trying over the past week or so to slow down and give thought to the amount of time I spend doing things other than the things I need to be doing. This included use of social media, staying in bed after my alarm went off and just losing my focus altogether. One of the major factors was getting up with my alarm in the morning, which I attributed to lack of motivation, too little sleep and even just plain laziness. What I did NOT attribute it to was my husband’s schedule.

My husband (whom I love more than anything in the Universe!), was in the habit of staying up until 1, 2 even 3 am playing video games, surfing Reddit (the ultimate time-waster of the internet) or listening to talk radio. He has always been a night owl and I had even started staying up late as well to read, study and finish up on research tasks for school. This morning my husband started a new job that requires him to get up at 6:30 am… which means I, TOO, am required to get up at 6:30 am… and BOY! Was I productive today!!!! I never thought to factor in my husband’s sleeping patterns when trying to plan my own goals for waking up in the morning. It was much easier for me to ignore my alarm and close my eyes “just for a second more” when my husband was sleeping like a rock next to me.

I was able to wake up this morning, wash dishes, send out some emails, enjoy breakfast, get to work in time to fit in a workout, shower and still make it to the staff meeting in time! I felt so productive! Now… it still hasn’t changed the temptation to wander away from my daily to-do list, but at least it’s a start!

I have been working on ensuring that my daily tasks are more specific but have run into another issue that had gone unnoticed and unaddressed in my original planning. Despite my pre-planning and writing out of to-do lists, it never fails that “to-dos” will be added to your list throughout the day and taken care of (yet still going unaccounted for on your list). This phenomenon makes it rather difficult to track my TRUE productivity during the day; I may have only completed 2 or 3 tasks on my list yet I answered countless emails and completed many unplanned tasks throughout the day that were never written down and therefore not included on my self assessment of productivity.  I have decided that I will try to add these “unplanned tasks” to my to do list, even if it means crossing them off as soon as they are added to ensure that I am not underestimating my own efforts throughout the day!

Until next time!


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