Re-Prioritization, Planning and being a “work-a-holic”

On priorities…

I have been slacking on observations over the past week for my self directed behavior change project but have a few points of interest I have been saving for this blog entry. I realized, sadly, that there are times I get so wrapped up in working, school and research that I forget to sit down and just be a good listener and supporter for my husband. I realized that I have been given an even greater motivator for staying on task during the day and achieving my goal of better “balance”… the importance of maintaining and strong and loving relationship with my husband. I want to be able to come home with the majority of my work finished so that I can spend more than a half hour with him before sitting in the study room until bedtime. I get so wrapped up in all of the “to-dos” of the day but cannot forget that he is my number one priority and comes first overall (especially considering how supportive he is of me working to achieve my goals in life). 

On being a work-a-holic…

I used to feel like a work-a-holic but realized, now that my husband is working every day, that this was caused by the comparison of my schedule with that of my husbands while unemployed. He was at home 24/7, making me feel like I was working WAY too much. I realize now that, although I am busy, I have gotten much better at not biting off more than I can chew. 

On planning…

Planning out meals and grocery lists has truly been a hit! For two weeks now I have not had to stress over what to make for dinner and it has been WONDERFUL! It also help save money by sticking to a list when at the grocery store. 



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