SOPHE 2013 Awards Announcement

The Society for Public Health Education announces its recipients for the 2013 Distinguished Fellow and Health Education Mentor Award in this video and although I am not included in this video I AM included in the list of award winners to be announced at the 2013 annual meeting! I wanted to take this time to thank SOPHE for their investment in their student members; I would not have been able to attend the annual conference without the scholarship and I am extremely excited for the opportunity to learn even more about the growing field of Health Education and Health Promotion that I am now part of the future of!

I am one of 6 recipients of the 21st century scholar award that allows for $500 in travel and expenses reimbursement associated with attending the annual conference in Orlando Florida this year! Along with this, I would like to express thanks and extreme gratitude to one of my major professors, Dr. Brian Geiger, who allotted money out of his own travel budget to help in covering any additional expenses incurred as a part of my attending the conference. I could not be prouder to be a part of the Department of Human Studies at the University of Alabama at Birmingham!!!

See you in Orlando!


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