My Work

Marketing & Graphic Design

I created the marketing materials below and if the marketing materials are referencing an event or program, I was also the one to develop and oversee that program or event.


mommy-and-me-2016-abiane-collymoreaquathlon  fit for food 2014

IM Combine

fitness card sale

instructional classes 3




Spring 15 GX handout front

instructional classes

instructional classes 4


Stress Release fall 2013


Finals Fitness 2015

fitness cards sold sold here

Playout flyer image



Ufit Tidbits Newsletter: A UAB Campus Recreation Publication

Volume 2 Issue 5 – Volume 2 Issue 4

Volume 2 Issue 3 – Volume 2 Issue 2

Volume 2 Issue 1 – Volume 1 Issue 5

My Workout Videos

Workout – Summer Shred Program

Instructional video: Chest Flye – Instructional video: Overhead Cable Curl

Summer Shred 8 week Workout Program (Samples from weeks one and two)

Summer SHRED donation form

Summer SHRED intro and week one workouts

Summer SHRED intro and week two workouts

Summer SHRED weeks 1-2 – female

My Programs:

Biggest Loser 2013

  • 18 participants total split into two teams
  • Each team had a trainer that met with them 2-3 times per week as a team
  • Participants weighed in weekly
  • Over $5,000 in prizes were donated for the program participants from local businesses and organizations
  • Winner lost 30 pounds in 10 weeks!

Swim the Alabama Rivers:

  • Successfully raised over $300 for the Black Warrior River Keepers of Alabama
  • $10.00 sign up fee
  • Tee shirts donated by Alabama Outdoors
  • Members kept track of their mileage (swimming in the rec center’s pool)
  • Together the members swam the length of the Black Warrior River (178 miles)

Indoor Ironman:

  • Participants completed the Ironman Distances in one month to receive their tee-shirt
  • $15.00 registration fee
  • 18 total participants

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